Wireless internet
  1. No phone lines, cable service, satellites or software required

  2. Local company, local service and support

  3. Over 10 years providing Internet in Jackson County

  4. Static public IP address option

  5. Full hardware protection and support with contract — no additional cost


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RT21.NET is wireless broadband Internet service for Jackson County.

Wireless Internet service can reach where cable
and phone company Internet can't. No bundles. Nothing but the "net".

RT21.NET is secure, reliable, high speed wireless Internet, with an operations center in Jackson County and multiple connections to the Internet, ensuring the highest quality service.

Wireless Broadband Internet
Business and Residential
Multi-Megabit/sec Speed, synchronous upload/download  
Personal Web Apps - Email, Docs, Calendar, Web Site
Fariplain, Ripley, Kenna, Evans, and Surrounding Areas

Monthly: $29.95 - $99.95 or pay-as-you-go
Setup: $0.00 - $100.00

Wireless Internet